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Getting paid for your unwanted or broken gold has never been as easy, convenient, or profitable as it is with NCT Gold Buyers! You don't have to send your gold through the mail, there's no check to wait for, and there is absolutely NO question about how the value of your gold was determined! We handle each and every transaction right in front of you and we are happy to explain each and every step along the way! Our process is quick and amazingly simple. We test, we weigh, then we PAY! You receive your cash on the spot. It's that simple!

The value is determined using three main factors. First, the current market value of the metal. As the precious metals market fluctuates up and down, we check the price of metals throughout the day to give you the best price possible for your items. Second, the total weight of your items. As some items are more dense than others, prices are determined by item weight as opposed to the item's size. We carefully weigh your items on a certified scale to make sure the value is accurate! Third, the purity (percentage of pure metal) of the item. Each item is inspected and acid tested to determine what percentage of the item is precious metal.

Simply put, ANY! We will pay cash on the spot on any type of gold or precious metals you may have. Jewelry, coins, bullion, custom items, broken, tangled, mismatched, or mangled; it does not matter! With over 20 years experience in this industry, gold = cash!

Immediately! No waiting, no checks, no mailing packages and waiting for a call. Unlike those other guys, when you sell your precious metals to NCT Gold Buyers, you get paid immediately! With cash. On the spot.

We sure can! Just bring them in to NCT Gold Buyers in Canton and we will take a look. We have all of the tools to test your items and see what they are and what they're worth. You literally have NOTHING to lose!

Not at NCT Gold Buyers in Canton. We simply don't charge them. What we offer you is what you get. End of story! If you decide to pass on our offer, you walk out with what you walked in with. There are absolutely ZERO charges!

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